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The Amazing Thinges

Thinges is a mobile marketplace app for all things artisanal & handmade

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Artisanal Things from Asia

Certain parts of Asia may be infamous for their cheap mass-manufactured goods. But let Thinges widen your eyes and discover all the awesome handmade products of the region.

At Thinges, we carefully select the most authentic sellers and help them reach out to buyers who care for their causes. Be it previously unknown traditional crafters or bohemian new-age makers, through Thinges, you can find out about their story and have the opportunity to own a piece of their work.

Mobile Makers’ Movement

They all say mobile is the next big thing. And at Thinges we agree! Many crafters and independent business owners in Asia prefer the conveniece of smartphones over laptops and DSLRs.

The Thinges platform helps sellers to easily set up and manage a digital mobile shop simply through their smartphones. This allows you to easily browse and buy unique, handmade, customisable, and vintage products from all over Asia. Every time you shop on Thinges, you are casting a vote in support of the makers’ movement and the kind of world you want to live in.

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Cause Over Cost

Nothing on Thinges is mass-manufactured. Shop at ease knowing everything you buy is handmade with love. In fact, many of the independent brands on Thinges are social businesses. This means the business is either built around a cause (e.g. a designer working with disadvantaged women in Cambodia) or pledging a certain percentage of their profits to one (e.g. animal society). For the list of causes a business can support do check out our Thinges’ guidelines.

At Thinges we strongly believe that social businesses are the way to go for making the world a better place. Earning a living is important, but it’s paramount that we do so ethically, while having fun and creating a positive impact on the world. This is why we award verified sellers with a cause over cost (COC) badge which entails added benefits and more support from our platform.